What albums have you bought lately?


Three last Polytechnic Youth LPs.
And This Mortal Coil as posted a fair bit recently…


Possibly put in there by original owner maybe? Any chance of a pic?



Guessing that was slipped into the sleeve by the original owner.
Icing on t’cake that is.


Very much so, he used to play at Cousins himself so he knew all the folk (Excuse the pun) on the scene -





Had 15 minutes to kill, was near Fopp, inevitable happened.







Nice, I played that the other day after pretty much wearing it out as a teen. I forgot how good Jim Morrison’s voice was


Caroline Rose - Loner
Heard a track in HMV this morning and it piqued my interest.
Mainly quirky, sparky pop with a rockabilly tinge.
Think women roller-blading whilst the decorators are in.
(At least that’s what’s happening in my mind garden).
Never less than really good, didn’t fast forward through any of the tracks, which is a positive sign.
With occasional highs, To Die Today is superb, reminiscent of Laura Marling, Semper Femina.
Of course the usual caveats, YMMV, you all know my “musical” tastes, blah-blah, etc.


Damn you @murrayjohnson

Your link to the Drift Record Shop MADE me buy this




What albums have you bought from HMV lately ?





La with vincent belanger , absolutely superb especially track 5 ava maria


Both Music On Vinyl re-releases



A birthday present from my wife - still sealed originals :+1: