What albums have you bought lately?



Courtesy of Mike @MJ2 :+1:



Two very excellent LPs. ‘Dans le jardin avec Alphastone’ from Elasticated Waveband is one of my very favourite pieces of music on what is the high point for Alphastone IMHO.


Bought them off the back of that latest release, which is also very good.







All LP’s @ £11.49 each (free P & P) from Norman Records


The only other thing is Soulweed, which is CD only. I can’t comment on that as I’ve only listened to it about twice. I’ve been pestering Pete to repress all of the Alphastone stuff, but Soulweed especially as I’ll probably listen to it if there is an LP on the shelf.

Did you get his solo LP that Hoga Nord (not sure of spelling there) released in the last couple of years? That is pretty good too.


No, but maybe one day… I went a bit mad over Christmas due to late night drinking plus Internet. There will be a steady stream of vinyl arriving over the next two weeks or so.



Mt Mountain - Golden Rise





3 3/4 but ought to be decent given how lively the LP is.


Love that album - which reminds me I need to get a good copy as mine is pretty worn.


Matt @Ruprecht have you seen this one ? It just landed here today but I haven’t had a chance to play it yet.


Oresund Space Collective - Inside Your Head



Bardo Pond - S/T

2 x Silver LP’s


Oh Mike, why did you have to go and post that?

I had to fiend.


Well, y’know !


Oh, I’ve not heard it. I’d like to know what Andy Bey’s contribution is? Looking at some of the other players I’m guessing things get somewhat free in places?


I’ll report back once I get a chance to listen to it later Matt.