What albums have you bought lately?


Just back from Guildford record fair.

The Led Zeps are 1st press plum labels :smile:

(plus a few others I got from Bens records after the fair)




Can’t get enough of this



Re-bought this as my original copy on vinyl was borrowed and not returned many years ago.


The Stranglers - testament-300x300

Bargain @Β£13.99


Have that for car duties



Nice. Are the Prince LP’s the original pressings or the recent (and rather good in general) remasters?

Always a great performer, incredible for some-one so painfully shy.


Really looking forward to it, tbh.


Remasters. Currently dirt cheap on Amazon :smile:


A few more JVC jazz cds, a few DMP cds of the most horrific noodle, and various LPs.


Someone clearly was off work sick today.


Sorta, more clear up the bomb site left by building speakers and put away all the stuff that had arrived in the post.


FFS you really do need a holiday. :rofl:


More time to listen to horrific noodle? Sounds good.


Just managed to find a new one :+1:



Like the look of that :+1:


Akira :sunglasses:


just seen the prices on discogs for my original vinyl :open_mouth:

I am tempted by the CD of the remaster