What albums have you bought lately?


So what the silly bugger Shields has done is spend over a year and a lot of engineers time recreating the albums in all analogue from tape to the cutter, so all the transitions and timing particularly on Loveless needed to be worked out and recreated without using any digital trickery. Just for Kevin Shields reasons. Pressings are magnificently quiet and the jackets have been done very well which I think is the main reason people are buying them rather than any audible improvement in SQ from the process.


This was my reaction when the re-issues were announced. Even the original cassette of Loveless was expensive the last time I looked.



Vinyl, signed at the gig last night :heart:


This finally arrived double clear vinyl



Bet that’ll be good, Al. CT was one of the artists, that for me cemented an interest in exploring the more avant garde/out there offerings in the jazz oeuvre. Jazz Advance pretty much blew me away on first listen.


It arrived today Chris so not had a chance to play it as it needs a clean but looks in decent nick. I thought it was worth a punt but might be a bit too radio rental for me but will let you know :grinning:


I suspect it may reward on repeated listens, even if it ‘jars’ a little at first. This has often been the case for me.




Thanks for nothing @Mrs_Maureen_OPinion


It’s a cracker of an album :heart:


That looks like the biggest pile of shite ever. Please tell me it’s ultra limited edition mega expensive virgin vinyl pressed by the last remaining Venice Beach virgin?


Not heard it and £15.

Away you go :slight_smile:


Where did you see it for £15?


What Records


Ha ha! Did you see it when I gave you the link to the Mop Mop album? :rofl:


Behave !


You did! You plank! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


:fu: and once you’ve done that, you can :fu: again.


Amazon - just checked a) used, b) £11.50 postage!

As you were men.


It is £15 plus about £3 postage from What Records. Guess how much I just added to the monthly vinyl spend?