What albums have you bought lately?


Hazard a wild guess at £18?

You’ll not regret it.


Another recent What Records sign up here too…


These arrived yesterday…


I blame that fecker, @Rob998 myself !



(LP) Addendum to this - if you like Mary Gauthier but are unsure about the theme, or if you like folk/americana/blues, but don’t know Mary - relax, this is an absolutely bloody stunning album which also happens to be fabulously well recorded and produced!

First time I’ve heard background tape hiss in a while - to me it signals not only good analogue recording, but the fact that the music is coming off said tape with very little editing/compression!

Get it here.

Loving it - highly recommended! :+1:


Vinyl just arrived :+1:




Top right courtesy of Matt


Top right is a great record👍


Nice, and so is Mazzy Star :+1:


I had three copies on double purple LP of that Mazzy Star, all with 2xrecord 1. IIRC the whole pressing had to be redone. I walked into Probe about 6 months later and they gave me a copy for free with all four sides present and correct.


Finally here


Bought new today:

Carlton Melton: Mind Minerals
2 x Red Vinyl Limited Edition LP with CD

Second hand purchases:

Gavin Friday and the Man Seezer: Each Man Kills The Thing He Loves LP

Killing Joke: Love Like Blood 12" (couldn’t find my copy the other day :unamused:, This is minty and was £2 :grinning:


Had me some of that! All bases covered.


I think I had that some time in the Eighties (deliberate Killing Joke pun - Nirvana fans: look this up, then compare the release date with that of “Come As You Are”).

God only knows what happened to all that vinyl. I remember the cases, but as to the fate of the payload, I got nothing.


Been meaning ter get this 'un fer ages.

Vinyl LP.



Just bought it. :grinning:


Enjoy :ok_hand:

Be interested to hear your thoughts in due course.


Just listening to it on Tidal and hooked by the first song, really like her voice it’s not exactly dynamic but she has some real character.