What albums have you bought lately?


this week’s LPwalletgangrape:

Camera - Phantom of Liberty

Camera - Remember I Was Carbon Dioxide

Camera - Radiate!

Andrea Belfi - Ore . . . . Sad cunt that I am, I paid the extra for the red vinyl…


At fucking last, somebody to take the AA ‘errant, careless, on a whim’ record buying title from me :slightly_smiling_face:

Sodders, I bless you !



TBH, it’s the only way I buy music, and I only occasionally regret it, which is why you don’t see me reselling it often :+1:

Mind, I’m well on the way to getting wankered… :wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass:

Our local’s shut tonight and the bottles of red are literally lined-up…


Alcohol ‘may’ have featured in some of my past, not to be repeated LP buying escapades but I’m clean now.


That’s been most of my record buying for decades as well :+1:




Does this happen regularly on a Saturday or is it for a function? Capriciously closing the pub on a Saturday night is unpatriotic in the extreme.


Happily it’s a rarity - a chance for staff holidays plus a minor interior refurb and more major exterior sewer rebuild!

Even more happily, our wine [and beer] cellar has recovered from its xmas Visigothic-pillaging!



Fair enough.

Upon reflection, I thought it might have been a preemptive closure in the face of the arrival of a thoroughly refreshed Sodbury. What have you been pouring down the sewers to cause the pub to silt up? (He asks, dreading the answer immediately).


Hard to imagine it was my doing, albeit my arsegravy varies from biannual diamond-hard chunks to a kind of white-hot black syrup comprised of little more than liquid putrenes and some carrion-derived denatured proteins…


I knew I shouldn’t have asked…




To go with my Celtic Frost back catalogue :skull:



Epic Giger artwork is epic !


Giger and Tom G Warrior were mates, apparently.


CD - ordered Sunday AM, here Monday AM :open_mouth:


None :smiley:


Yeah…riiiight… :wink:



I have only listened to it on headphones so can’t appreciate it fully. So far my view is that it is absolutely excellent.