What albums have you bought lately?


It’s pending a spin on the cleaner. Along with Madonna’s immaculate double album and New Order’s Low life both bagged from charity shops this week.
But I have just remembered the cd inside so it’s on now!


Egoprisme - Among Noise



Triple bagger from Polytechnic Youth and Feral Child labels. Two new and one old.

Lesa and Ross


Lake Ruth.


Our team won the pub quiz for the 4th time in a row, so to celebrate I’ve treated myself to the limited edition double splatter vinyl of Oneida’s new album “Romance” -


Nightports pre order



Ibeyi - Ash

Nicely packaged, if a little impractical.

Comes with full CD.


Trip to local record shop/ gold mine.

Only came out with 8 records this time :cry:


I still haven’t featured much recently, on this hallowed thread :slight_smile:


FFS - that is one great shop you have near you.


I really like that live MG album. Unusual as I don’t get on with the sound of many live albums.


I’d tend to agree - too few live LP’s have care and attention paid to them but Marvin’s is pretty nice, as is Curtis Mayfield’s, Bill Withers, and Donny Hathaway. Babylon by Bus by Bob Marley also stands out for me.


You’re just not admitting to it mate. Hiding your problem just intensifies it.


It won’t be by the time he’s stripped all the good stuff out of it.



Almost done I think. Must have had over 100 LPs out of there in the last month :grinning:


See ! Feckin’ hypocrites, the lot of ya.

Pfffttt !


Nup, there is (nearly) nothing to see here :blush:




No comment, you’ll have to talk to my accountant.