What albums have you bought lately?


Did you get the Zofff LP ?

That is a corker.


Plus kill west and magnetic north. Had the rest.





Broke my bond of no CDs…


£90.30 for the cassette option.

That’s some serious dedication to the retro hipster twat cause.


Carlton Melton - Photos Of Photos




R2R 3 3/4 ips


You lucky bastid :frowning_face:

Superb album and a sample motherlode for Massive Attack


I missed out on a Hot Buttered Soul tape last night (went too high) but I’m sure there’ll be another at some point.


Bummer - is there quite a lot of Hayes’ stuff on R2R ?

This would be a cracker to get - his version of Use Me is a belter and Hobosac & Me is one of my fav tracks


I got Shaft on 7.5 ips :grinning:




Hope you at least got a reacharound?


How does is sound ? It’s another amazing Hayes album - stands up as an album as well as a OST.

I would love to hear them in all their glory :frowning_face:


Yes. Will be waiting for someone to bring it over, possibly my neice after her Easter trip home.


The R2R stuff was being released until about 1983 when cd came along.


We went on a musical pilgrimage of sorts to Memphis a couple of years ago and there was loads of R2R stuff on show at the Stax & Sun Records studios.

As near a religious experience for me as there will ever be; just a pity we couldn’t manage to get to the Muscle Schoals studio as well. :frowning_face:


Box set, 45rpm just arrived :heart_eyes: