What albums have you bought lately?


My cheap seats option has arrived too.

I’ll give it a spin later.



If @htm_1968 buys a copy, he’ll no doubt get the same version as you :wink:


Not going to buy this. The last few Eels LPs have done nothing for me.


I bought it on the strength of the one sample track they released it sounded much more like the older stuff.

…hope I haven’t fucked up :thinking:


Dunno @Jim. I really liked the early LPs but thought the last one was rubbish. Hopefully it is a return to form.


Same as this. End Times did grow on me.


Valhall - Grimoire



Details here.

Described as a live collaboration between Spacemen 3’s Sonic Boom, Zombie Zombie’s Etienne Jaumet and Celine Wadier, a master of Indian Dhrupad singing and tanpura.


Saw them do that live at St Lukes some time back-really good.


If Sonic Boom is on it, I’ve already heard it.


Lucky you! Absolute genius is old PK. Nice chap too.


Truly fucking bonkers :joy:


Nothing worth mentioning. At all :frowning_face:


Yuri Gagarin - At The Centre Of All Infinity

2017 repress

Swedish space rock :+1:



I bought this & tried it. Dull & no treble. Then realised whoever had owned it had left the tape wound on the reel the wrong way up. Re wound it the correct way & it sounds very good.


Replacement copy for my original which went walkies.


I own three copies of that.
Cassette and two CDs.

I used to have to hide it from my parents!


Loaned my nephew the CD the other week. His parents are really not fucking pleased :joy: