What albums have you bought lately?


Next you will be buying him a Colombian necktie for Xmas…


Playing the Edwin Starr LP now and it’s very nice indeed :+1:


Love : Forever Changes - 50th anniversary edition

33RPM Vinyl + hilariously quaint 24/96 DVD stereo + CD stereo + mono + singles & outtakes + alternate mix

What made me buy this was the fact it’s been remastered from scratch again with Bruce Botnick involved. Of course involving some deaf old git from half a century ago can be a disaster (witness many Doors remasters…), but this one has worked - and I really like it, because it has found some of the missing frequency extremes edited out by Botnick and Lee back in '67, and does so without losing any of the original’s fluidity, and FWIW, this has worked to open out soundstaging too.

The original glowed warmly like an LA sunset, and the last Rhino reissue did too - and with that in mind, this is both inauthentic and inessential, but it is thoroughly satisfying to get a little closer to live-sounding instruments and voices after soooo long :+1:

For fellow completists - if you like the Mofi remaster, you probably won’t like or want this.


Back To The World is probably my fav Curtis Mayfield album :+1:



An adhoc purchase today…



Why did I open that??


Gonna party like it’s 1995








All on CD.


Johnny Marr’s new 'un.
Silver signed 30 quid.
Restisted the T shirt/cassette/beer mat/mug/cd bundle




Both on CD.



Just home from The Heads gig…it was excellent… I am now a bit poorer

Blue vinyl

Pink vinyl


And another one I cannot find on Discogs


If it is RKT then you won’t find it on Discogs because it was pressed up for this short run of gigs. I’ve never seen a band shift merch like The Heads. I’m told they did £5K at The Lexington to a crowd of 350 max. That will be a solid investment in a couple of years.


Yes - it is RKT!


The vinyl was flying off the table last night.


Goat are pretty good at it too,

Their last single sold out in minutes, literally !