What alcoholic drink are you drinking right now?


With tonic, ice and lemon.


As recommended by Neil @NAM :beers:


Was Greman now Scottish


Any good? I’m going to be seeking out more Loch Lomond beers after the couple I tried at the weekend

This is the other one that I tried


It’s not bad at all maybe not as full flavoured as the Citra but a nice session beer - I know as I had a right old session last night :joy:


nice beer - we had a few sat here http://lochlomondarmshotel.com/ also in Luss, where I believe the brewery was originally located.


last of lidl Belgians, they are mostly ok but nowt special, beerwulf is the better option


I looked but decided that £5 per litre was too much for what was on offer. Especially with Derail or Gecko being £2.50/ Litre



I like belgian beers because of their strength, flavour and short volume. Worth a punt but failed I’d rather stick to bringing back the ones I like or beerwulfing it. Cost wise not a huge amount in it.

Shame though.


I just had three pints of Budvar and rather enjoyed it. I may now start on gin.


Anyone else got the Fever Tree thing going?


Fever Tree gone would be more appropriate for me!


Oh yeah there is this


I take issue with “trendy” tonics and mixers. If you need to flavour up a spirit (gins especially), then you are buying the wrong spirit.


I take gin with them


the regular fevertree is way too sweet. The flavoured ones mask the essence and botanicals in gin.

the light one is ok


And as for mixologists with singular flavour obsessions :rage:

Flavours should be complimentary NOT all the same. I was reading about the current trend for gin with citrus aromats mixed with citrus tonic etc.
As for the lack of thought with cocktails. Lemon upon lemon upon lemon ? FUCK OFF !!!


the garnish should be used to bring out the botanicals and enhance the gin.

Often the garnish offers olfactory support to enhance what is on you palate


You should Google “lemon party” :+1: