What alcoholic drink are you drinking right now?


I’m not sure that I buy this. Why does the tonic need to be bland, and all the flavour come from the gin?

I can accept that the Fever Tree ones are artificial flavours, that only work in certain combos, but the general principle for me is that you have gin, tonic and garnish, and the combinations can be fun. I’d rather have choice than not.



I dont disagree - but IMO the flavoured tonics bring too much to the party and kill the gin.

i love gin based cocktails and spends loads of time and money experimenting, but that is about achieving a balance. The flavoured tonics are IMO so unsubtle the resulting G&T becomes a sickly unbalanced mess…YMMV



I’m still in honeymoon with them, but I suspect you might be right



The cats are looking for an air rifle…


If they miss they get your speaker again.

Actually I see you deflectors are in mode, might bounce off for who knows what


Just increase the ratio of gin to tonic.


A G&T (or two) - seemed appropriate


Hmmm, a couple of Amstels down.

Now, I am about to be outsourced or made redundant. Thus I have decided to open a bottle of Hoegaarden. I am WFH tomorrow…


This is nicer than I first thought :+1:


A frustrating day so:


And now:


A cool one in the garden


This is the nicest Argie red I’ve had for many a year. Absolutely stunning wine. Opened it last night and will finish it off with a steak this evening. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I do worry about you Jim.


Really, why? :thinking:


Almost home now, then


Can’t think :confused: