What I'm watching (Series 2)

We’re enjoying Everyone Else Burns, a C4 comedy about a christian fundamentalist family and their struggles relating to the world as it actually is. Clever in that it isn’t really mocking christianity or even faith but rather extreme & absurd interpretations of it. Very funny too, recommended.

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Listening, not watching.

In Our Time on Radio 4 is having a go at superconductivity. If they can explain Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer theory to Melvyn Bragg I’ll take my hat off to them.

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Spoiler: they didn’t.

You might enjoy the Infinite Monkey Cage episode on maths, which includes a significant amount of discussion of serial killers surprisingly…

I might, thanks.

One of the things that brought David Spiegelhalter to public attention was his involvement with an after-the-event analysis of patient outcomes in the case of Harold Shipman. He worked with a team that tried to model outcomes to see whether they could spot GPs who might be murdering their patients. It turned out that in Shipman’s case it would have been quite straightforward to spot him fairly early in his killing spree. They actually rolled out the model to look at other GPs and he tells the story in this book


of how hard it could be to separate serial killers (I don’t recall that they found any more Shipmans) from doctors who were specialising in the care of elderly patients with terminal illnesses.

Looking forward to series 2 in February


I might even watch that if it involves a mass-murderer being unleashed on Clarkson…


No, no. SERIAL killer. Not CEREAL.




Very enjoyable

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Not watched it yet,so don’t know if any good.

Firstly I would like to note both @murrayjohnson and @coco are a set of bastards.
Mostly for directing Mr. MWS to ‘Babylon’ and secondly for reminding Mr. MWS he inhabits entirely the wrong era.


I would give this 8/10 just for the midget penis pogo. Margot Robbie Brad Pitt Diego Calva and Flea! were all excellent. so 8.5/10 then.


I think i have spotted the lucky bastard in that screen shot.

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This’ll be Jim’s bake off when the Deliveroo girl arrives.


With her twelve acrobat mates.

Jeff Beck, live at the Hollywood Bowl 2016.
The guy is a fucking genius, with a guitar.


This excellent film was broadcast last night on BBC Scotland. The music is superb and I’d say it is well worth your time.

Excellent brilliant performances. Lovely film score too


It’s a curious thing in that I can’t recall another film that so divides opinion. I found it funny, uplifting & beautiful to look at but many other people (often women for some reason) find it grim, depressing, anger inducing, even grotesque.

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Next one in the (long) list of classic films that I haven’t watched

Only 40 mins in but enjoying it so far.