What I'm watching (Series 2)

Managed 30mins of ep1 before switching off, cheesy and cliched script, just shite

WW2 caper from Guy Ritchie. Hits the spot.


Raced at National level back in the day. I’d vote for an end to the TT tomorrow. .

I wouldn’t go so far as to call for an end to it , but imo the racers doing well at the tt aren’t on the same level as the short circuit guys.
How long did Fogartys lap record stand for ?

Kevin Sinfield running a long way for Rob Burrow and MND - a legend and as many have said should receive a knighthood

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I wanted to see that at the cinema but it didn’t seem to get released.

Is this on Netflix or something?

I downloaded a torrent but I believe it will be available on Amazon Prime at some point over the summer.

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Right, you stole it. Got it :+1:

That’ll be the last time I post in this thread. Cheerio.

“Stole”? From Amazon?


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Pretty sure the worst level of offence for torrenting is copyright infringement - it’s not stolen because you don’t deprive the original owner of their item.


I’m really not sure what to make of this. Seems to get rave reviews so I’ll stick with it.


We enjoyed it

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Just finished Taboo, really good series


Silly but enjoyable stuff, echoes of Guy Richie style in places

Watching Dishy Rishy digging his own deeeeep hole and hopefully be taken apart by Nick Robinson!


Started watching this for t’ second time last night.

A behind-the-scenes drama and espionage thriller in Cold War-era England that centers on a journalist, a producer, and an anchorman for an investigative news programme.

I always remember enjoying it at the time of release, but had forgotten quite how good it actually was. Exactly the sort of excellent drama that t’ Beeb built it’s reputation on.

Romola Garai & Ben Whishaw are absolutely superb & the rest of the ensemble cast, littered with stars are also great!

Don’t ever remember watching the second season, so v much lookin’ forward to that too!

Available ter stream on Netflix. (Both seasons)

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Properly geeky shit. I find these very interesting…

Can’t wait for season 3, that was fantastic.

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