What I'm watching (Series 2)

A biker from California called Sonny shows up at one point so that’s probably who he’s intended to be.

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I remember watching a documentary from the 70s that followed the 1st UK HA club. Overriding memory is off a bunch of innocents, bored shitless with nothing else to do, largely skint and generally harmless. How times have moved on.

Axel F

One of the lamest intros in any action film.
Abysmal for a bit.
Improves slightly and ends almost there.


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Some good performances. Fucking miserable, mind.

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A touch of cloth

Not sure how I missed this Charlie Brooker spoof police series but very funny so far.


Turn off brain before watching.

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Been waiting impatiently for this big budget swords and sandals series to come out,

Suspect it will be kinda game of thrones set in Rome.

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