What kit are you listening to today?


It’s a good job you don’t have any expensive hobbies that would suck up all the spare cash.


Most of my HiFi expenditure happened before kids, only a few grand here and there spent since :grin: The house on the other hand has bled me white and the fucking thing still isn’t finished. :scream:


What of those bits did you have before the kids? I reckon A370 and Exposure possibly?


I didn’t have any of it before children apart from the S2’s. I had other, pretty expensive gear which over time morphed into this lot. There has been a huge amount of scheming and wheeler dealing for sure. I swapped a complete hifi and separate A/V system for a suit and sports jacket for instance. That lot is in there somewhere…


I have some Adidas trainers if someone would like to swap for a pair of Duo Mezzos.


After nearly two weeks I am very settled on my latest incarnation. I have surprisingly found that synergies between my RAAL 140 -15D and Supravox drivers can be further enhanced using a Mini DSP and a cheap 1980’s four channel transistor amp. Bass below 100hz happens via an Inuke 1000DSP and 15" drivers. Mostly I am using the RAAL’s down to 1600 hz with a18dB per octave slope. I am extremely pleased that I did not sell these RAAL’s.


Raal are amazing. Their flexibility is somewhat under appreciated in my system where they are crossed in at 11k and above the point where I can hear! :grin:

Would like to hear your latest Andy, I bet it sounds great. :+1:


I would love to hear that as well.

I ran OBs for about 4 years and really enjoyed them a lot.


Any of you are welcome - If you are visiting Oxford or have a day you want to visit just ask.
I got myself into OB one day many many years ago when I had a pair of B&W P2H speakers with Plasma Tweeters - I took the back off one day and found that things sounded much better to me. I have recently noticed that there is a german eBay site selling Plasma tweeter kits - Quite tempting.


Try an Action Man :grinning:


Sams ‘new’ turntable.


Sinitta? FFS Rob…


Hahahaha, I wondered if anyone would notice that LOL!


Got given 12 metres of this.
Took 2 hours terminating it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



Lovely colours :+1:


I did the 6 x 2.5 mm the other week, 4 cables, plugs on every cable. I almost had a feeling for Dealer Scum, bloody external cross-overs.

Swapped speakers on Tuesday and they’re too short (shoots gun into own foot emoji)


Yes,would have helped my cause if i had got the right tools from work instead of using a stanley knife and my teeth.


Today I have been hiding cables and moving bits around in order to make the temporary system in the lounge tidy - I think that has been successful -Let’s hope Claire does as well! I had something of a eureka moment when I realised that I already had a long length of bi amped speaker cable behind the long wall skirting. Just plonked it together and it sounds very promising.
The pre is a BL audio battery job , the power amp is a Bewitch 300B modified by David Wright with an off board heater supply, DAC by Jolida. Bass is handled via a behringer xover and Laney disco amp at around 100hz and the speaker drivers are MarkAudio Alpair 12P and TOA 15"ers - Going forward I may need to simplify all of this with another Chromecast Audio a MiniDSP and a 4 channel amp.


Magico V3
ML 436 mono amps
ML 326S pre with MM/MC phono stage
Ayon CDT
Ayon Stratos DAC has all inputs and does DSD, valve based, and can act as an analogue pre
Oracle Delphi MKIII; SME IV; Benz Micro Wood L
Innuos Zenith -ripper/streamer/music storage
BK XXLS400FF subs, acting mostly as room node breakup devices
miniDSP DDRC-22D with Dirac Live, for a tiny bit of room correction
All of the panels on the walls behind and to the side of the speakers are diffraction. It is now mostly live end, dead end now.
Those who have heard the system before, when it was a very dead room, the listening perspective was very distant, and contained. Most of the panels behind and to the sides were absorption. The corners were, and still are absorptive.
It is now much more open, huge sound stage, and I think, very neutral. Not as dynamic as horns, but still quick and suits my taste very well.
I sit about 4m away from the speakers, and the back wall is over 2m away, the speakers are about 3m+ apart, 2m from front wall.
The system is more or less the same for over three years.


Very nice, Gregg