What kit are you listening to today?


Ha! Spell check…

Correct now. :grinning:



Very nice.


Is that an electric toothbrush under the rack on the floor to the left in the second pic?
Looks fantastic set up. How far away from the speakers for them to integrate properly? I remember them from Scalford and the huge room they were in there and had to be quite a distance away then. Sounded fantastic.


At lease you know that someone read your entire post :stuck_out_tongue:




stylus cleaner?



I will probably regret asking, but WTF is that?


Facial massager


Facial massage cleanser thingy. Claire has a similar one in her drawer of unused beauty gadgets/gimmicks


I’m not looking forward to the gifs and memes that will generate :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I thought it was an anal buffer and polisher


I suspect that would require an angle grinder for the average AA member.


I find my dremel with flexible drive works well.




…and unfeasibly long arms…


It is a vibrating zit brush as recommended by @Agrail for RCM duties and works well on those stubborn stains.

My head is about 33 feet from the drivers. This pic is looking back towards the sofa ( please excuse the crap). You can sit anywhere along that and enjoy the sound.

We had a good sound at Scalford but only if you sat right at the back. Not many people understood that…


Only problem is that by the time you get to the seat you’ve got to stand up to go turn the record over.


Is that an old shop you converted?


Yes, was the village store/post office at one point, Georgian building (c1750). We have taken out some stud walls that were put in in the early 80’s to open it out and restore… Fucking money pit. :tired_face: