What kit are you listening to today?


Now that is a proper listening room.
Was it a garage conversation?


Barn conversion. It is detached from the house. The music room is free standing, inside the barn.




I’ve seen worse showrooms. Very nice :+1:


No wonder it’s stayed the same for 3 years, looks superb :+1:


Lovely. Great shout on the Ayon kit too - no idea why it’s not a lot better known - I need to have a proper listen next time I’m over! :+1:


When did you change the panels Gregg?

Looks great BTW


Some of them were there last summer. The rest, a couple of months later.


I think Gregg wins the prize for “most likes in a non cat or dog - related post”.


Least we can do given the god-tier devotion to good sound that sees a man build his own purpose-built bombproof listening-bunker hidden - evil-genius stylee - in an innocuous barn, complete with its own 3-phase power supply and more sound control panelling than most commercial studios have!

We are not worthy of this marvellous madman! :joy::star_struck:


I was very lucky, that the building was already there, otherwise, it would never have happened.
I have already covered the cost, and it wasn’t too bad, quite reasonable actually.
All of the panels were built by myself, except for the green ones, which came out of an old studio, for a fraction of their original cost.
My friend and I bought a large quantity of very dense Rockwool, and got a terrific deal on the linen cloth to cover them. I think the total was £500 each. Building the wooden frames was cheap and easy enough, and time, and quite a few staples later, they were done.
I am very very lucky.
The room was done over 20 years ago, but I was so disappointed in the outcome, I abandoned the room, and left it for 10 years, before slowly recovering it. It is only now, within the last 6 months, that it is where it should have been, in the beginning.
I think I was always reasonably happy, with each incarnation of the system, because it was always better than before, as I had a long way to go. I don’t think I have ever gone backwards.
I can’t do any more, as I have no funds, nor will have, so this is the final incarnation, unless there is a rich relative, or I win the lottery, and that would be a miracle, as I don’t buy any tickets!


Being charmed today by some of the Austrian made Hornmanufaktur Aurora speakers.

As per this review.


I’ve supplied a few amps to the manufacturer and a pair of these were over here for review in HiFi Pig. I took the opportunity to try them once they became available.

Edited. Wrong link previously.


…strange grilles :thinking:


That’s what I thought. They look better in black than the lighter colour in the review.


The ones I have here have the black grilles & a very nice wood veneer on them. I’ll take some pics tomorrow.

The grille design is apparently deliberate although I’m not sure I understand what it’s doing.




Reminds me a bit of Gale 301’s just with bigger holes.







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