What kit are you listening to today?


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I have just seen some Cessaro Speakers on What’s best forum which have not been launched yet but I cannot download the picture (Andriod). They look sensational.


Send the link to the page.


I tried having a look to see if I could copy the picture on a desktop, but jesus, it’s a needle in a haystack. There’s got to be 100 sub forums there. Including a very worrying thread about “Entreq Trellus grounding” (no, I got nothing) that goes on for 273 pages.




Don’t worry, Keith won’t sell any.


Very Art Deco design - Helen would love them :grin:


Looks like a Supravox bass/mid driver there.


Looks like one of their previous models with more wood in a fan shape.


More than usually true cos I don’t think he represents them any more.


‘Keith’ was an early prototype. The design has been developed over the years. The latest model is the Maybot.


Yes! Well done.


What a surprise.


Been listening to Tone Scouts again today. They really are splendid. So satisfying.


What were you doing for LF? Was there one of the W bins?


No LF support, they sounded fantastic without.

I find them great at diverting one’s attention away from the lack of bass.


Focusrite, Behringer and Bose.


Are these the pair at Long Eaton?


Yep. I’m tempted, tbh.


What are the cabinets like?

Bet they sound great.

Have you heard the Ruthys?