What kit are you listening to today?


The cabs are in good condition. One of them is very slightly faded compared to the other but it would be straightforward to bring it up to scratch.

I have seen but never heard the Ruthys. I always thought they looked a bit wank.


Do they have S5’s & JBL 2405 tweeters?


Fane 12" mid bass @400Hz into S5@5kHz into 2405.

He is also testing a 15" driver but I couldn’t remember which one it is.

I told him to start making them again.


Would do well, huge gap between obx and vo.


Mark, did you ask him if he had any news on WE300B while you were there?
Due later in the year i think


No but I’ll be popping back next week, so I’ll ask him then.


listening to the tannoy eatons with my own pre power kit to see how it fares against the rather big thrax integrated . i would say its about 90% as good but the thrax has the edge with soundstage and tight bass control . if it were a pass i would buy it but always very very nervous about little known companies that can dissapear without a trace leaking you high and dry .


It the Thrax SS or valve? I know they do both for power amps or used to anyway.


With a van ? :grinning:


I love that name - sounds like a power station - a bit like Drax

I am just going to buy amps by name from now on. I have a NAF


£15K, on the high side.


Where are you getting your comparison price?


Points to head…:thinking:


Licks finger and sticks in in the air…:thinking:


I believe the proprietor’s name is Anne…


yes its a valve amp, beautiful glowing valves


its 10k


Living Voice Airscout 3-way hornloaded loudspeaker. In Mahogany & Bird’s Eye Maple cabinets. Syringe & tourniquet included.
£15000 (as seen) -


Can you elaborate?



Bob is having a senior moment and confusing the discussion of the Thrax amp with the Air Scouts discussion further up the thread. Not helped by hifinutt confusing matters.