What kit are you listening to today?


For once I wasn’t making a barbed comment! Having heard the speaks, I’d expect the system to sound pretty good - the Yammy’s a tad bright for me (my brother has one), but certainly resolving, and the new version of the disco deck should sound decent too! All digital sounds the same of course… :wink:


I was of course jesting…Ive got the hf drivers rolling off at 15k and Lpads to set their volume, together that helps offset the amps inherently forward sound. The nag warms up the vinyl and the equalizer in jriver means i can tweak digital to sound whatever anyway. Hifi it isn’t but listenable it is.



Which Fostex drivers are they?


FT96H and FE168 E sigma


Same as the tune audio primes, for quite a small driver I’m surprised how well they do higher volumes with ease.


Triode TRV-845SE valve amp (20 watts/channel SET).
@edd9000 speakers with complete Corian enclosure and external crossovers.


Very nice, its something when your valves are nearly as tall as your speakers are wide.

Mind you saves turning on the heating.


Have you tried any others? I’m interested in whether there’s much difference between the standard and the Sigma models.


Except they’re modified, in house.


Yep, a new sticker on the magnet. :rofl:


You’re funny


My “hi fi”.

Gato amp. The white box is an old-style Sonos box, must be 12 years old at least - the newer ones are smaller.

Speakers are (obviously) WB Arcs. I want something different, and have done for the last 10 years.

The actual music is on a NAS upstairs, or Spotify, or internet radio.

The other two black boxes are a blu ray player that never gets used, and a PVR that gets the living crap kicked out of it every night. The internal disc is definitely on its way out - making nasty re-seeking noises.

There is one interconnect, RCA digital from the Sonos to the Gato. I have no idea what it is. eBay special probably.

The speaker cables are from @Mrs_Maureen_OPinion. Again, I have no idea what the brand is. I need a full Alpacathrust 9000 loom in my life.

edit: the black strip at the lower lip of the TV is a Sonos soundbar. For a while I tried going uber-minimal and using it for music, dispensing with the speakers altogether, but a) it wasn’t that great and b) the usability drove me up the wall - I like to mute the TV, play music, unmute the TV - having constantly to change sources in an app on a tablet was annoying.


Today I be mostly listening to my Garrard 401, which sports a nice OL Silver mki, Ortofon Quintet Black S, and an Edd900 record weight. Very satisfying sound.
As usual the Gamma Reference 211 is working its magic, with the Club27 kurt’s filling the room with loveliness.
Choosing a few nice records to soothe away the week before and recharge for the one that lays ahead.




Holy crap those three ways are enormous. I thought the two ways were big but they’re tiny in comparison.


Clearly you’ve not met the wifelet. Amongst other things she is 6’ tall. I am not.


Need some speakers to, ahem, compensate then…


^ So much this ^



Where the hell have you been? He’s been going on repeatedly about them for months. :rofl:


I was reasonably sure Ian was at the “Pimp Muh Speakers Out” bakeoff!

Mind, no-one ever listens to hifi at bakeoffs! :joy: