What kit are you listening to today?


Ooo how they sound on the Triode.


I heard the two ways at your first bakeoff at Pinchbeck. I haven’t seen the bigger ones in the flesh and that’s the first image i’ve seen of the range together.


Magical. They may be less efficient than the Graham’s but they are easier to drive. Plenty of headroom to turn it up a bit. :slight_smile:


Looks nice, where did you get the xover boxes?


No, never tried any other fostex drives in my own system.
I’ve (no doubt unfairly) mentally categorised them all as nasally and thin sounding so haven’t had the motivation to investigate.


I think @edd9000 said that he got them from eBay.



Cheers edd:+1:


Those speakers make no sense at all. In an utterly fantastic way, that is.


Looks like this just now…


From what I’ve learnt here this week, you need more powwwweeeerrrrrrrrr, at least 300 Watts :joy:


Yes i’m already saving up for a monster Behringer PA amp @cragger i’m sure everyone will be happy then :+1:


Off to audition some Boenicke W8…

Wish I’d paid more attention to the ones at Tim’s last year…


They are really good in the right circumstances.


Which are…

Sadly my room makes a proper set up impossible. Although these are small enough to lift in and out if needed.


The W8’s won’t work there at all, I can tell you that now.

Nice neat speakers you got there :+1:


Long speaker cable and care where you pick them up and you’re sorted :+1:


If only they were the colour I was told they were…
Fancy a swap for some ash ones?? :smirk:


5-way digital active horns.
Drivers/horns/amps are:

Vitavox S2 on 600hz Le Cleach, driven by Viva custom 300b monoblocks.

Line Magnetic 555 field coil on 160hz Le Cleach driven by Coco San ’ Nuclear Snowflake’ SIT amp.

Eminence 15" in Speedysteve exponential mid-bass horn driven by Exposure VIII.

1/2 size Lab Sub/MF A370

Raal ribbon tweeters/Quad 240

Currently using STST 12" Motus II, with SME 312 spesh (aluminium tube) and Clearaudio Master Ref Wood.

Coco San LCR Phono stage, currently camouflaged by a pile of crap, so the missus doesn’t suspect I have been spending more money. :joy:


This lot goes through a Coco pimped (Burson Opamps) Najda digital xo.

Can still be tweaked further I reckon, nothing is sacred and if I can improve I will (money permitting). Sounds good though, will play anything. It is capable of subtlety and immense power. ACDC cranked up will melt faces. :grin:


LET ?..:thinking: