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Except that it works extremely well, and goes on and on and on doing exactly that. What is the relative value of that, compared to a cheaper appliance that dies after a few years?! I wouldn’t remotely consider any washing machine other than Miele.


I agree, and my experience supports the longevity of Miele products. Of course I could be lucky with Miele, or unlucky with the others. If (and when) we need to replace the Miele, I don’t think we would consider anything other than a Miele.

our washing machine history is:

Indesit: came with house lasted two years before economically beyond repair
Electrolux: bought new lasted 4 years
Bosch: bought new lasted 6 years
Miele: bought new lasted 8 years so far looks brand new still.

Similar with dishwashers, our Miele been going strong for about 10 years. Before that the Bosch lasted about 5 years.

Our Bosch dishwasher is 18 years old!

We went with Miele for washing machine and dishwasher. Apparently, according to the delivery guys who installed them from John Lewis, they are one of the only brands worth repairing when they go wrong, if you take a longer term view of overall cost. We will see in a few years I guess if that is true! If that proves not to be the case, we will replace with far cheaper brands. Apart from Hotpoint/ Whirlpool and the other house inferno starters.

Our Miele washing machine is 19 years old. It has never missed a beat, never had any technical attention and it looks like new if you give it a run over with a damp rag. Worth every penny.


One really good Miele and one truly awful one, but the overall experience is that they are worth the extra. Interesting what the last repair man said that the older Miele’s were definitely more reliable and serviceable, whereas he felt that over time the newer models relied on their reputation rather than being quite as bomb proof.

Sounds like Mercedes at the turn of the century!

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Ours is 24!

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Cockpunch thread goes Mumsnet, never thought I’d see the day. Shameful :pensive:


I might get a Miele next as they are offering 10 year guarantees on John Lewis. But it’s only certain models. Why? If they are so reliable, make the guarantee worthwhile.

Spunking over £1400 on a washing machine with a two year warranty is not for me, and you can:

Apart from their reliability, 20 years here. Miele are the best performing machine there is. No other brand can compare on wash.


I used to purchase Miele machines on a commercial basis and visited their factory in Germany and there distribution in Abingdon. I can tell you that their engineering and design is second to none. I met a guy who had worked for the company 20 years and his job was soap draw design, a lot of know how was applied to that area alone.

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Hotpoint Aquarius here. 15 yrs old, looks and works as good as the day I bought it.

Stronzetto, 41 years old : doesn’t really work, has never really worked but knows how to pretend between bouts of glue.


My Whirlpool dishwasher, on the other hand, is a badly designed bag of shite. But I didn’t choose it.


When we bought our first house together with my now Wife, we had some money set aside for new appliances.
I am pleased that we went for Miele for the Washing Machine and Tumble Drier.
I work near Abingdon so we went to the ‘Experience Centre’ but also the Outlet, if you can get there they have some superb deals.
We were looking at Miele for a new large fridge/freezer but my wife was set on a Fisher & Paykel model with a drawer freezer. Naturally from John Lewis so fuss free.
All three I have been impressed with so far, but thats only 2-years old.

The tumble drier to have is White Knight, dirt cheap and the last one lasted 12 years bore on heat setting failed. Replacement was a no brainier.

I am starting a lovely Miele collection.

Dishwasher/Washer. Both lovely and quiet, the washer makes a really loud BEEP BOOP noice when you turn it off too.

One really, really cool and fun thing about the washer is, the drawer STILL hasn’t collected any soap grime, it still looks new.

you are using detergent arn’t you?

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