Wireless headphone recs

Not feeling the love for the Senheiser momentum wireless, infact they are quite a tiring sound.

Looking for recs for, preferably, wireless phones around the £200 mark.
Must have decent bass cos techno!
Must be fun to listen too, im not after something for critical listening, this is for commuting and office use.

Sony wh-1000xm3, would they fit the bill?

IEMs? or on ear? or over ear?

Over ear as its office use and im not too keen on IEM.

I was genuinely impressed by the Audio Technica M50 xBT. The battery life is insane too.

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Theyd cropped up in my searching, i’ll add to list.
No high harshness?

As far as I’m concerned, no. That’s a fairly subjective take though.

Yea appreciate that, im finding the Momentums are harsh on less than ideal recordings.

Arise… dead thread…

Just quickly… any recommendations for in ear wireless?

Many thanks.





I have found wireless is wank



If it is for commuting, then any old shite will do. I had some Skull Candy wireless IEMs that were OK but the yoke (collar thing containing all the gubbins) was a pain in the arse. If it is for even semi-serious listening then avoid wireless phones like the plague.


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I quite like my Sony WF-1000x, although I find IEMs uncomfortable for extended wear.

Problem is, I keep forgetting to charge them…

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Lypertek Tevi

“One of the most enjoyable pair of true wireless earbuds around the £100 mark”
I paid £69.
My mate bought some for his Missus as he was impressed. Plenty of online reviews.

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These are what you want, out of stock though sadly…


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that would match the hat

and the shiny shoes might come in chrome

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Bought a pair of these this week. Comfortable and impressive SQ for the money.


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