World War 3

You really have to take your hat off to the Ukranians

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Russian oligarch who can’t go back to Russia and is disliked in the UK looks for pat on the back.



One of those rare times where a significant part of a major military logistics operation has been based on the word “Yoink”.

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This is quite a read


This should probably be in the cockpunch thread, but Roger Waters has featured there before.
Here he is being a cunt (not for the first time).

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Walking to Ukraine…



That would be hysterical

Be great if he did the same for the non-sweaty nonce

Or even

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But, but, Under Siege is brilliant :frowning_face:

No mind, I can separate the artist from his art.

Only the birthday cake scene :+1:

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If this is real then the Orks are in deep shit

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They’ll be needing more coffins than tourniquets.

I read they are now conscripting the protesters that were arrested.

The order to conscript redacted numbers. The official line was 300,000 - the likely number ~1.2 million…

Bear in mind that everyone thought 100,000 in February was massive overkill - UA has sent ~60,000 of those back in bags, and what remains are desperately short of every possible kind of supply. And the orcs were looting basics that they were short of from the very start…

Among much similar ‘hilarity;’, apparently they’ve fielded T-62 tanks - designed in the 1950s.

That’s some pretty deep shit I’d say…

Leningrad, throw massive numbers of expendable people at the fight and wait until the enemy gives up or runs out of their own soldiers/supplies.

Except that in this case they’re not defending the motherland, so there’s a chance the “expendables” turn on the ruling party. Well, we can hope.