World War 3

Hopefully give the nation pause for thought though likely not.

There was an outpouring from Army wives at the outset, ‘our boys wouldn’t kill civilians’ and sentiment to that affect. Sounded pretty genuine, seems to me only the masses getting very restless has any hope in altering the current course


Unfortunately, changes nothing :pensive:

Probably not but it’s still a significant thing for the cunt to be charged by them.


Yes, it is, it’s still only symbolic though. The cunt will get away Scott free, unless he’s double tapped by his own agencies.

I still don’t get why our special services haven’t taken him out :thinking:

WW3 reasons. Need to take that bloodthirsty fucker Kadyrov down first - he seems to fancy himself as a modern-day (oh, the irony) Genghis Khan.

Leave him and Kadyrov to the Ukranians - I’d much rather we went after the Murdochs of this world.

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Because invariably they take the view of ‘better the devil you know’

Taking out dictators creates a vaccuum, and no one can be really sure what replaces them.

Would ISIS have ever got the power they did, and caused the carnage they did, if Saddam Hussein hadn’t been deposed?


And been surreptitiously funded with the aim of toppling the increasingly Russia-friendly Assad family/regime…

We’d could be more righteous about Putin’s undoubted wrongdoing had the so called ‘International Rules Based order’ applied to Blair & Bush and prevented their illegal invasion of Iraq. Those two should also be dragged to the Hague but that’s as likely as Putin’s ending up there. Meanwhile Russia assumes the Presidency of the UN next month.

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Russia moving post-war T-55 tanks to Ukraine…

Which means they’ll have to rely on ammunition that’s at least 40 years old, likely more. Negligible modern targeting, stop-to-fire, thin armour, cramped and uncomfortable crew quarters…

Challenger 2 for scale. And no, the T-55 is on the other side of a single carriageway road, not 30 metres further away.


Is it the same thinking as sending their poorer troops in relatively early, just to keep the UA busy and, hopefully, wear them down a bit ? OK, so you lose them but, well, does Putin care ? The T-55s aren’t getting any younger. Maybe it seems pointless to him to have kept them all this time and then not to have got some use out of them.


Is that a Corgi or Dinky T55? :joy:

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Obviously difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff amidst the bluster of propaganda, but it seems RU’s huge ‘mothballed’ tank reserves were in a much worse state than they should have been. Most would have been considered time-expired by the time they were parked-up by any other state, to which add simple neglect in storage, and theft or appropriation of saleable parts for export.

Can’t be arsed to google for the articles, but the big tank parks in different parts of RU were well-imaged by satellites before and after Feb '22, and all of them have been heavily depleted. It’s likely taking several tanks being parted-out to get one more-or-less working vehicle onto a transporter. Pundits are joking that they’ll be rolling T-34s off of war-memorials next…

Putin seems always to have RU’s past history of warfare in mind with his ‘strategies’ - basically throw an unlimited number human and other resources into the grinder and just win a war of attrition by accepting much heavier losses than your enemy can. This makes some sort of warped sense if you grew-up believing (e.g.) Soviet propaganda - i.e. that they won The Great Patriotic War single-handedly, rather than acknowledge Nazi Germany was torn asunder by multiple heavily-industrialised nations attacking it on multiple fronts…

He is holding back some advanced tech - certainly it’s mostly been more-or-less obsolete tanks and planes fielded so-far, though less so with ground-to-air defenses and hypersonic missiles; truth is they have some amazing tech, but they don’t have the vast numbers they need for an attritional war.

Judging by the presence (and deaths) of retired Russian servicemen (right up to the rank of General), plus the use of prisoners, conscripts, foreign nationals and mercenaries, Russia’s ‘unlimited war’ posturing is nonsense and they lack the resources for anything like that. I guess that’s why they’re wooing China right now…

cannon fodder all the same

I wonder if they have a large stock of HE shells for them and just intend to use them as mobile artillery. Lets face it, if you want to flatten a town, any old gun will do the trick if you have enough of them.

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I’m sure that lots exist. How many of them are younger than you and have been stored in a manner they should be might be a more pertinent question.

The odd mishap perhaps :slight_smile:

60YO munitions? What could possibly go wrong?

Hopefully lots.

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