Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


Don’t know if they are funny or not, the images are too small to read!




Steve Wright and his Sunday morning shite can have several, with extreme prejudice. I’m waiting in the car for the kids after their swimming. It is the Archers on R4 so I changed the station only to cop Mr Wright (rhyming slang). Fucking twat.


I fucking LOATHE DJs as a rule, but there is an especially excruciating corner of hell reserved for Steve Wrong to suffer all of the full horrors of agony and misery and suffering and despair for ALL eternity - exactly like listening to Radio 2 in fact.


And a Cockpunch to you for not tuning to R3 or R6



Fair point. It is the first time in living memory that the Radio has moved from R4. If we had a decent car (it is a Poo-geot) we might have DAB and so R5 or 6Music would be available. I forgot that silence is preferable to The Archers. Actually Classic FM was alright until the kids got in the car and started fucking moaning about that.

Cockpunch to me for buying a French Car, breeding and turning on the fucking radio. I’m sure other offences need to be taken into account.


Buy a dab for the car,more important than the engine imo


Why do people listen to what kids want? Kids are - by definition - complete idiots that know nothing about anything, and should be (occasionally) seen, and never heard.

I fear there has been too much sparing of the Rod in your household and nowhere near enough summary beatings and extended lockings in dark, spider-infested cupboards without food and water… :angry:

Modern liberal parenting should defintiely receive some kind of thorough cockpunching :rage:


Listen mate, I don’t listen to what they want. However, being a modern caring parent it I am of the view that it is wrong to batter them into silence, tell them to STFU or toss them out of the car to make them walk home. Therefore I have to listen to the moaning and whinging. They are all Strayans too FFS.

Further cockpunches to me I think.


I would devalue the DAB by putting it in the Poo-geot. Also, I am sure the remaining bits of said French shitbox that function would cease to do so if they were in the vicinity of something that actually worked properly.


Easy for you to say as an Astra owner.

You’re taking unlimited power for granted.


And why would anyone with an Astra want a DAB radio to spoil the fantastic howl of the engine?


I’ve been meaning to post a cock punch to that “I’m down with the kids” smug condescending liberal cunt Nihal who is now on 5 live. I’ve had to stop listening to the show.


Radio 5 is on AM too.


Dear god man! Is there no end to your suffering?! :flushed: :scream: :sob:


Silence imbecile! My misery has plateaued. Don’t buzz my harsh.


Me Me Me

Nice shiny new bathroom basin fitted by plumber yesterday. Basin is square, as is the shiny popup waste.

BUT and it was a huge BUT in my OCD mind - the sides of the square popup waste cover did not align with the side of our square basin, Every time I fucking looked at the thing it looked a liked a diamond sitting in my sink, the sides didn’t align - in my brain is need to be aligned so the sides of the square waste were parallel with the sides of the basin…

It got the better of me this morning, and I took it out, and I spotted a small brass screw which I though might help with the alignment problem…well it didn’t, and I put it back together and now the fucker doesn’t work.

So not only is it misaligned it is now non-functional (it doesn’t stay popped down) - yes I broke it…and Louise isn’t happy with me…


Fucking sellers that advertise free delivery by Royal Mail first class post, until you go to the checkout and enter a ZE (Shetland) postcode. Oh, now they want an extra £3.99 because it is not UK mainland.


Congratulations, you just lost a £150 sale for being a cunt.


I hope you told them that Paul. In exactly those words.


Actually no, I just removed the item from my basket, but it’s a good idea :+1:


Well worth a read if you have the time.

Kick in the balls to police corruption.