Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


Expanding foam can git tae fuck. This tin is well past its use by date. I never use the stuff normally but this tin has been rattling about my van for years.

Today just fancied blocking up a flue hole with some. The plastic nib has only perished and it snapped as soon as I tried to attach the trigger.

Uncontrollable release… FUCK! ! Red Adair would struggle to cap this . Lucky I always have a bucket to hand.

New bucket required. That’s why I never use foam.


Exactly what I need for my drain!


Is that still not cleared yet?



Bucket full of white foam…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Like fucking Quatermass it was. Just threw it all in customers wheelie bin.

Christ knows what size it is now.



Boy racers can have one in the bits…useless drivers…


Radio 2 can have a massive one.

I knew Jo Whiley was joining Simon Mayo for Drivetime, but I’ve only just found out it means the end of Tunesday, Nigel Barden’s foodie Thursday, the book club and, worst of all, Matt Williams the sports guy who is hilarious and should be given a show of his own IMHO.

And yet Steve f***ing Wright still bloody survives!!

Not happy. Not happy at all. :triumph:


Cockpunch to you for listening to R2.

Kick in the perineum for liking Matt Williams too - he is a massive cunt.


If I may quote an erstwhile former work colleague at this juncture - “you can do one as well”


He’s right though - Radio 2 Is What’s Blocking Mark’s Drains.


What is this Radio 2 of which you speak?

My radio only has 3 numbers, number 4 and number 6 (and occasionally number 3)



That’s numberwang.


It is for people who find driving a Honda through Eastbourne too exciting.


While wearing a hat I hope?


Hat on, hanky box on parcel-shelf, throw-cushions on back seat. 40mph at all times :+1:


40 in a 60 then 40 in a 30, just love being stuck behind them.

Then you get the ones who do the above except when there is a straight bit of road where you could safely pass they suddenly accelerate up to the speed limit…PUNCH!


MistaJam 1Xtra


Now I am properly flummoxed.
I have no idea who or what that is