Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


Radio1 Xtra (Dab or internet)

MistaJam is what you radio 2 listeners might refer to as a disc jockey. A.Dot is very good in the morning. David Rodigan is pure reggae on a Sunday evening


Big up the semidetached massive.


Still none the wiser as I don’t know what radio 2 is - see above




You would know it as the Light Programme, Kevin.


R3 Late Junction. Everything else isn’t as good.



The ones around here brake when approaching every corner, bend, slight kink in the road or even on the straight if they see another car less than a few hundred yards ahead.


^ This… :rage:


Boxing, and all the cuntery displayed by every twat associated with it.

For the life of me, I cannot begin to fathom the enjoyment gained from this. From the stage managed ‘press conferences’ , face-offs and just utter cuntery to the obscene money and shady backroom deals. Role-models my arse.

No, boxing and all the proponents thereof, can get back into @browellm’s drain.

Fucking lunacy that this is tolerated in the 21st century.


Probably tailgating like feck.


I used to love watching boxing back in its heydays of the 70s and early 80s. It’s just shit now and I rarely watch a bout now


Oh god yes - I especially love the ones who come to a complete standstill at every kind of junction, even roundabouts, even when there is absolutely no traffic with right-of-way.


Cockpunch to me for not reading properly - I thought I was simply changing the address on my driving license via the DVLA web site but no I was on a “service” that charged me £49. for something I can do for free. Total fuckers, misleading shit like this should be illegal -That said I am so annoyed with myself for being a twat.


My wife got the same when sorting EHIC cards, I think that Google should be liable for its ordering of results in cases like these.


I did I the same thing when renewing my Driving License £25 it cost me.
And anything that charges p & p on free samples.


One rule.

Never ever click on the top tier of advertised results


So very much this ^^^^^^^


or use


Usually I use a mac and safari - This gives a nice green tick to highlight approved sites. For this error I was an a laptop. Lesson learn’t I hope.


W.O.T. plugin sorts that