Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


Will I Am. Talentless cunt with shit style.


Tidal MQA and ROON can have one to the frank & beans.

Latest version of ROON has added MQA software decoding.

10 minutes of listening to MQA albums and I now have a fucking headache.

What in the all holy name of cock robins are they doing to this stuff, pretty sure it is burning out the tweeter.

It’s like having a fucking set of Focals in the room set to full volume.


NAV amps?


NVA amps don’t cause fires, it’s the speakers fault for not being made of asbestos and not handling a catastrophic failure.

How dare you bad mouth NVA, I’m suing you and this whole forum.


You’ll note I make no mention of NVA


That won’t stand up in court once the medicine woman gets on the case.


CP to me. I bought a couple of new records yesterday, just turned on the record player and remembered I don’t have a phono stage.

Oh well, download code it is…


Wubble Bubbles. Great idea, a 3’ ball made of really stretchy stuff that kids love to play with. Now on our second hole, it won’t last long. £17.60 :unamused:


Awarding one to the mouth breather I am dealing with on ebay. Unable to consistently stick with me arranging a collection or a drop off courier method, paid no attention to the emails I sent saying which drop off locations were shut on a bank holiday, etc.

Who’d have thought it’d take 6 attempts to buy a fucking mini system to use at your parents place in the spare room?

Another cock punch to myself for thinking getting a cheap amp/speakers/CD player would take less than 6 fucking months.


Cockpunch to ebay sellers who send the wrong stuff, then send you a postage label to send wrong stuff back, then say you have sent back the wrong item…then say they never received the wrong item back so they can’t refund until it does…

You get the picture…

I will win.


I feel your pain, bro.


Windows 10 Home, Windows Update. Jesus, it’s so shit. It has one job, and it’s all fail.


Credit card? if so then just Sect 75 the shit out of that.


(first world problem alert)

Munich weather can have one.

Is it going to rain, or is it going to be sunny? Do I pack a brolly, or T shirt and shorts?

Make your silly Bavarian mind up!


oh shit what footware? Sandals? with or without socks (you’ll blend in with socks) - dainite or commando sole?


It will be sunny while we are in the exhibition hall and piss down while walking to stations and going for Ruffs burgers.
(Just like last year).




software and hardware for your feet = footware


Are for the beach

Are for deviants

I only own leather and dainite soles.

I think I shall probably opt for suede with dainite soles. Inappropriate for all kinds of weather.

In other news, the trousers that I was planning on wearing are

  1. In need of a clean
  2. Comically too big

Next up: jackets. Green tweed, grey tweed or blue tweed?