Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


Dumb choice


I suggest a suede jacket


This needs an epic punch to the nads, totally undermined my childhood memories of hard ass boys dolls. (never liked them, but still deserve a cockpunch)


Makes me laugh :+1:


Boundaries positively broken down.


I’m going with jeans, shirt and trainers.

Just in case it rains I’m taking a spare shirt.


What size? Medium? :slight_smile:


Are you going for 80s casual look in a pair of Sambas?

It’s the latest go-to look for the upwardly mobile tradesman :+1:


Good old Gazelles.




a nice checked one?

not taking your dirndl for a night out?


Cockpunch today is - Halifax contents and buildings insurers.
I phoned to cancel policy a month ago -Waited 26 minutes because they were busy then gave up understandably…
Instead cancelled the DD with my bank. So I had a letter today reminding me payments were overdue.
Phoned them and got through straight away, but because I did not have details of what month of the year my policy is comes up for renewal they would not validate that I was me so were unable to officially cancel my policy.
They suggested I find a letter from them to say when my policy is due for renewal so they can verify to them I am me. Fuck them.


Yeah, never just cancel your DD for anything. They go apeshit and I’m pretty sure it can fuck your credit rating.


I find that the online systems used by the insurance companies are pretty good now


Nobody uses phones anymore.
Well not to talk to people.


websites? certainly not 02, their website doesn’t allow regular top ups to be created, FINALLY spoke to a human yesterday, after 55 minutes “rather than keep you on hold, can I call you back in 10 minutes. I will call you I promise” . . . . . 24 hours later no call


Fist to the japs eye to the moron in the Bentley who on Sunday decided to blow his horn and wave his hands around because I had the audacity to signal and turn left off the main road to Stourton.

Silly bollocks soon regretted it as it turns out he must have taken the next left and ended up behind me again on the way to Kinver, at which point I slowed right down and drove him to further distraction :laughing:

Even better when he pulled into the same car park where I got out my car and headed towards him with a massive grin. At which point he turned his car around and sped out. What a gutless twat.


I fucking love doing that :rofl:


“Whistl” delivered by Royal Mail - idiots bent an A4 photograph that I had printed to get it through the letter box. Ruined the photo. The packaging was a thick card mailer


This turdhammock:

“Sexuality expert” . . . :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: