Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


I remember @coco saying that they had folded a record in half to get it through his letterbox :rofl:


Word of the Day :+1:


My speed is proportional to the distance the car behind me is from my bumper. The closer you get the slower I go.


Cadent the gas people. They were meant to be here at 1600 to reconnect the gas as part of them replacing the gas mains along our road.

they are late and are eating in my Friday pub-beer time


Everybody’s gotta eat


fucking smellchecker


People that do all their banking at ATMs - just withdraw your money and go ffs. Stop making me stand here for ages while you dither over what other services you think you might want to consider utilising at an incredibly slow pace. Arseholes.


:grinning:People who use cash.


You don’t use cash eh Bob, not wiv you being hifi royalty :+1:


Cash hasn’t been accepted in Cheshire since 2004 Jim.


My desktop PC can have one - it refuses to boot this morning. :confused:

…and I can have one as well, because I’m rubbish at fixing computers :roll_eyes:


Microshaft W10 updates?


Hmmmm, maybe.

It just cycles from the Asus logo page to “entering power save” then back to the Asus logo page - stuck in a loop.

Tried pressing delete, going into the bios and selecting the C drive from the boot menu, but it just goes back to the same cycling…


Yours or the companies PC?


My home PC. I’m using my company laptop now to write this…


Have you got the recovery disc?


Yes - just trying it now…


Has it got the Twelve Steps?


some years ago a service i used was taken over by east of england trust . they were absolutely superb , incredibly polite , helpful and efficient . they really made life musch easier and helped folks a lot


Halifax is an utter nightmare to deal with , made huge mistakes with my mortgage , kept me talking on phone for 1 hour and 40 mins to review a new 2 year mortgage . compared to accord , the mortgage works etc they are dire . you try getting through to them on the phone , more layers than harry and meghans cake next week