Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


Thanks for the feedback - I did try and contact them a second time. This time they did not ask me for the month the policy started but just my old address and my date of birth - and they cancelled everything without fuss.




Apple product bad design.


They’ve gone down hill hugely in the last few years imho. Ive’s obsession with things being thin and having as few ports as possible is leading to serious problems (see the class action suit regarding the new MacBook Pro keyboards). I get the feeling that Ive really needed Jobs there telling him to go back and sort his shit out, and that that balancing act was good. Cook doesn’t seem to have that grip on Ive.

I probably bought the last really good generation of MBPs when I got mine, and that was 4 years ago now. They haven’t progressed since then at all. I seriously don’t know what I will do when this one goes belly up.


Elbowed myself in the gentleman’s vegetables after going for an hours walk at midday. I now have sunburn. :rage:


I had no idea you were a Scotch ginga?


A scotch ginga wouldn’t have lasted an hour in the sun. The picture below shows Glasgow police examining the remains of a local ginga who had spent 15 minutes in bright sunshine, ignoring health warnings…


I’m deeply unimpressed with Cineworld, who have just sent an email to me suggesting that I go see Deadpool 2, which is exactly what I did this morning. At their cinema, booking via their website.

GDPR and big data, eh? Who cares when they just can’t be bothered even to try?


I’m assuming the poor bloke killed himself so cockpunch to those two cunts again and hope they get royally fucked over in prison


I have a tear in my eye. That is so very, very sad


Balls in a shredder for myself for leaving my car open, but I’ll toast the fucker who took the opportunity to go in and rummage through and nick my wallet.

Spend that £5 wisely…


I’ve blown it all on Toblerones mate, sorry.


Massive helmet Attack for the price of Heligoland on vinyl. So far I have seen prices between £54 and £63. Seems a bit OTT?


Where are you getting those prices? Snap them up!


The previous owner of my car can have one, as can Jaguar.

The former because it was at 8pm last night, on the way out for a meal with mates that I ended up with a properly punctured and shredded tyre, only to discover the wheel wrench is missing from my car’s toolkit.

Jaguar get one because I can’t even borrow it from MrsB’s car as it has the ‘pump and gunk’ repair kit as standard. Hence no spare wheel but also no jack or wrench.


Nothing beats preparation!


And now none of the feckin’ tyre places that are still open have got my tyre size. I’ve got to limp round with a bloody baby wheel until Tuesday! :frowning:


Buy two ?





Bizarrely, they translated as Jaffa Cakes in my mind.