Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


I’m sure they would work as well :grinning:


I forgot to mention that I need one.

Driving near Rye on Monday we heard a suspicious tic-tic-tic sound coming from a rear wheel.

Stopped, picked a few pieces of grit out from the tyres, rolled the car forward a foot to reveal the sodding great screw right in the middle of the tyre.

Went to the local tyre replacement place, waiting for it to be sorted out, when the icy hand of “you dickhead” draped itself over my shoulder.

Mentioned to the wife that we might be uber-fucked but I wouldn’t jinx it by going over the specifics of the problem.

Mechanic re-emerges from the workshop and says “I cant find the key for your locking wheel nuts”.

“Yes” says I.

“That’s because it’s in my garage in London”.

Christ only knows why they’re on there in the first place - probably some crap that the garage sold my mother 10 years ago.

Still, the afternoon kind of went downhill from there.


You need vulcanising



You’re not cool now. You weren’t cool then. Have a cockpunch you cunt.


Signing off was good but turned to shit pretty soon afterwards


First two albums still get played. I don’t have any others


Red Red Whine


In a what was a fairly bleak time under Margaret Thatcher, with the cold war rumbling on, high unemployment and a lot of racism about, actually they & their music were cool for a while. A couple of albums anyway. I saw them play at a local technical college in late 1979 (just as their first single was released) & in those days they put on a very good live show.


The Specials were cool. UB40 not so much but I get where you’re coming from.


quite liked them for the first 5ish albums up until Geffery Morgan - saw them live loads of times in the 1980s and early 1990s.

Saw them play Hatfield House in 2014 and they were still putting on a decent show.

Present Arms and Signing Off are my two favourites, but Present Arms in Dub has been getting play a lot recently.


I have always thought that they are shit. :+1:


Yep, UB40 were not even close.


Saw them play live last year and they still put on an excellent show. The Beat and The Selector are still pretty good, saw them in Brighton a few months ago.

Mind you Bad Manners puts on a show, but I am still not quite sure what I experienced…


This kinda happened to me: he mentioned the key, I said what the fuck is that, he said it’s probably in the glove box, turned out it was; a thing I’d never seen before.

So I was worthy of an equivalent cockpunch, but was just luckier than you :kissing_heart:


I agree totally


I saw them in Sarf London around the same time. Enjoyed it a lot. I also saw the Spesh who were v good as well.




have you lost the use of your spell checker? or are you pretending to be



I’ve been trying for nearly 60 years and haven’t succeeded yet. And my beard is completely grey now


I did see the Specials, Madness & the Selecter all on the same bill on the 2Tone tour.
Top Rank Birmingham I think. Yes, they were all very cool.