Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


Spelling checker.

Unless you’re checking your curses and oaths obvs.


Showing your age Guy :wink:


I would’ve been about 19. I’m trying to find a list of all the dates on that tour to see when exactly it was but so far no luck.


Prince Buster was cool.


Update (for anyone who cares…) - I now have a new tyre.

I also got beckoned under the car while it was up on the ramps to show me the visible canvas on its opposite number.



So now you have 2 new tyres?


I will do by tomorrow afternoon.


Chip and pin came in 14 years ago. Contactless was introduced in 2007.

Passport photo machines still don’t take either.


Don’t you have a mobile phone then? :thinking:


How is a mobile phone going to help you get a passport photo?



That’s a new one on me. I always thought it was a booth or nothing, but then it’s about 5 years since I last updated.

The don’t smile rule always makes me, er, smile.


I was trying to do passport photos at home on the phone the other day but the images kept being rejected for poor contrast or poor colour. Given how qualitatively bad the end result ends up looking when printed in the passport, they presumably need as strong an image as possible to begin with.


That’s Home Office policy






I did mine on the phone the other day using an app, all good, passport on its way


I went to a few of those gigs and while I agree the bands were cool sadly many of the audience were far from it. Scarey gigs those.


Fortunately, no such issues at the one I went to but there was a tangible energy & hunger for change in the air.


I successfully renewed my passport recently using my mobile phone. Didn’t even have to send the old passport in.

They use software to compare the old pic with the new to verify the likeness.

Strange, because although my youthful good looks haven’t aged in ten years, I didn’t have a beard back then. :thinking: