Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


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I was able to use the photo they had from my driving licence, when I renewed the passport online it said the photo they had for me was still valid so did I want to use that.


How long before we’ll be able to say “Just use the one from the nearest surveillance camera” ?

I think this example of government agencies working together is the thin end of the wedge. Before we know where we are the tax people will know about our benefits claims and our hospitals and GPs will be talking to one another.



When I need a blood test, my consultant’s team faxes my GP, who then has to authorise the test and print out a form, which I take to the local hospital. Then the consultant’s team phones me to check when I’ve had it, then they phone the GP when the results should be in, so they can be faxed over. Then they have to input them onto their system by hand.


Yup. I’m in the care of two separate podiatry departments. In two separate hospitals. One of them wanted my foot X-rayed so she gave me a chit to take to a third hospital. They X-rayed my foot and sent the results to my GP. Podiatrist A got the results sent over electronically (hurrah !), concluded it might be ‘a gait issue’ and referred me to podiatrist B. Podiatrist B’s department used to be in the NHS but they’ve now been contracted out and can no longer access the NHS’s system. So when I turned up for the appointment they couldn’t get access to the X-ray. Still, some stupid bean counter will think that somewhere money has been saved, no doubt.



Jeez! At least they are communicating :roll_eyes:


I had a blood test at my GPs that was requested by a consultant.
A week later I saw a nurse practitioner who said I needed a blood test, I explained that I had had one the previous week but the results had gone to a consultant at a different clinic. “No problem” she said “I can log into that system from here, no need for another test!”

I was rather shocked


Talking bollocks on Question Time, as usual :poop:


Agreed, a quite extraordinarily bizzare performance, especially wrt the NHS.


I had to turn it off as there was a real risk of a large, heavy object being thrown at that sanctimonious cunt’s visage.


I’m glad I stopped watching it yonks ago


I stopped for a long time but the rubber necker (car crash TV ?) in me couldn’t help but want to get angrier with the stupidity. There is still the occasional shining light, but I find it hard to turn away.

My name is Terry Gobshite and I’m an addict.


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