Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


Worse than vegan farts?


I bought some. As soon as I tried to eat one, the others kept shouting NO! really loudly until I stopped. Then they called me the Antichrist, claimed the kitchen was their “territory” and started marching round and round it intimidating the other biscuits.

As soon as a brought out the Pink Wafers they ran back to their tin and now they won’t come out. :worried:


Not that I have experience, but I would imagine so.


Fighting fire with fire. Sometimes it is the only way.

I remember a mint ‘Viscount’ was the original tactical biscuit.


Vegan farts may be powerful, but they are never going to challenge a Jim special though, are they?


You mean Jim isn’t a vegan? :thinking:


Meat’n’biscuits will always be the key to the stinkiest farts. Vegan only gives quantity and volume. Eat like a dog if you wanna smell like one :+1:


friend of mine works as consultant in public health , which of course was taken over by the local council . he was moaning that now he is no longer in the nhs he can no longer get vital stats due to data protection !!!



It’s going absolutely nuts today and the pills don’t work.


+1 one, my eyes have been hell this year, what’s it all about?! :sob:


Do they just make you worse?


You’ll never see his face again.


Have a cockpunch for being a complete cunt too! Feckin’ tool…:rage: Anybody that signed the petition on can have a boot to the helmet too.


Half a million signatures. Half a feckin million !!!

Just about sums up the state of the UK at the moment.

#5286 is a load of populist toss, and about as effective as Facebook likes. I curse myself for ever signing any of the petitions I’ve been presented with.

The sheer volume of petitions dilutes any impact they might once have had. What ever happened to delivering 200 reams of signatures to the doorstep of No.10 in a wheelbarrow?



I think this is the case in question. I’m assuming the reporting restrictions are in place because the case is being heard in several parts and it would be prejudicial to report on the outcome of one before the other was heard, makes sence to me.


Apparently they are a force for good as opposed to just another moneymaking Corporation that’s made a millionaire of its founder.


I appear to have managed to lose our NAS when we moved house around Christmas time. I’ve definitely seen it since then, but I’m fucked if I can remember where.

It will definitely turn up about 3 minutes after I install a new one, of that we can be certain.

Also, massive sledgehammer to waiting on staff who steal food from plates before they’ve even been served to guests. Was absolutely livid last night. Nearly clocked her one with a cast iron frying pan.


that is outrageous.

We were in the “exec” lounge of the Hilton in Edinburgh for a breakfast when I noticed the chafing dish pilot light for the scrambled eggs was out, I reported this to the waiting staff saying in all likelihood given the dish was cold, the eggs were likely to be cold. She promptly stuck her finger into the eggs to check the temperature, then turned the dish back on to reheat the eggs. I suggested she took them back to the kitchen and got some fresh…she refused saying theyd be back up to temp in 5 minutes. She moaned at me when i immediately reported her to the F&B manager