Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


I’ve gone 48 years without ever hearing or knowing what a chaffing dish is. :frowning:


It sounds sore :kissing_closed_eyes:


That’s because it is a chafing dish…

One f too many


Love side one,but side 2 gets a bit to proggy for my liking…YMMV



Nothing that comes out of 'murca surprises me anymore.


It’s pretty grim for the GOP when all they can muster is a Holocaust denier and no cunt is willing to take him on. Hey ho.


All one has to do to get on a primary ballot is collect a required number of signatures. Turds like this gather the signatures stealthily and wait until the final date for filing, once on the ballot there is no mechanism for removing them.
It has always been a problem, but Trumpism and Steve Bannon will make this upcoming election cycle one of the nastiest ever as a number of “outsider” (read neo-nazis and conspiracy theorists) are planning on running.


The fact that the Dems cannot find anyone to run against him is also rather troubling.


The primary is held to decide which candidates will stand for election for their respective parties. The 3rd Congressional District is actually a safe Democrat seat, they’ve held it since the early 80’s.
Cranks like Jones are usually just looking for a larger platform to spout shit from for a few months.


Ah shit, misread. Didn’t realise it was a primary. I’m feeling rather better about things now.


So you think life is sacred- fine. However, as you are unlikely to ever need an abortion perhaps you should keep your views to yourself.
Big punch to your gonads


He is an abortion


Forum carpet bombers. Away with your rhetorical
non capitalised ridiculousness. :slight_smile:


A cockpunch to Chrome, and its sync settings. I removed all my extensions from my Raspberry Pi, as it’s fairly low power and doesn’t need them, and then they all get fucking removed from my main PC, so I have to reinstall them all. It might only be ten minutes, but it’s fucking annoying. Sync settings now amended…


Why the actual fuck are you logged into chrome? Only an Google loving idiot would do something like that…

…Oh, wait…


How’s that Pixel phone working out for you? :kissing_heart:


Highways England again for managing to extend the roadwork’s on the M6 and create more havoc for three more years, then doing roadwork’s on the A50 and closing a part of the A49. Result, one to two hour queues everywhere.



Great once I’d turned off all the Google crap. And made sure I was signed out of chrome. Privacy 101.


Trade in some spare HiFi for a helicopter