Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


I’m not sure if this is cockpunch to the Guardian for printing this in the first place, or to Lisa for contacting the Guardian about her 10 minute ordeal. Cockpunches for everyone is the safe bet.




I hear Cary Mulligan is in line to do the film version.


In fact reading the copy, it seems like she gave the journalist her quotes then they parted ways.

Not wishing to miss out on a potential Pulitzer, our fearless reporter followed her and captured the amazing moment where she got some cash from an ATM.


If the general public are like people in my office anyone under 30 would have starved to death as they have no concept of cash at all.


Good job she wasn’t auditioning for the Great British Coping With A Hiccup Bee :roll_eyes:.

Vee Bee


And just as the tolling church bells had predicted, plucky Lisa went on to become three time Lord Mayor of London.


If you’re on a train to Newcastle, having nothing to eat is the least of your problems…


Mrs Brown’s Boys.

How. The. Fuck. Is this kind of total shit allowed to be produced in this day and age?

It is simply Not. Fucking. On.


Nearly as funny as toothache


Diabolical. Stronzetto should be allowed to roam the set untethered.


They would bore him to death




Sadly it is fucking on. Which is why I’ve ditched the telly and shown up here instead.



Lol, will of the people who buy the Radio Times :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


That’ll be 74 pissed stained octogenarian Brexiteers then :roll_eyes:


The elderly are hell bent on wrecking the entire fucking show, it seems.


More from the land of special… FFS.


saw that, still it’s not the guns that are dangerous is it?


Cockpunch to me for staying behind at work to wait for a carrier to eventually turn up at 5.45pm, loading him up and then crashing the forklift truck into the roller shutter doors…:roll_eyes:

I had to use a big hammer to knock them back into shape so they would close and I could lock up…:man_facepalming:

Not my best moment.