Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


Are you going to tell your boss, or feign ignorance when he sees your feeble attempt at panel beating?


I’ll just fess up in the morning, I’m too honest.


I would too. Much as I’d love to brazen it out, I’m utterly shit at lying.


Is that what the Mrs tells you?


just destroy the whole lot to hide the evidence of the crash


No, unfortunately I am all too aware of it. Ruled out a glittering career in politics or law.


Blame the guy who can’t speak English.


I bought a Co-op New York Deli sandwich earlier on, from the reduced section (no pounds and fucking seventy nine pence!) for my lunch tomorrow.

Except I know it’s in the fridge. And I can’t stop thinking about it sitting there, just waiting to be eaten…


if it’s anything like our co-op, stuff that makes it to the reduced fridge is already festering


Date doesn’t actually run out till tomorrow. Ours is great.


Mmmm pastrami…


eat it, Eat it, Eat it, Eat it, EAT IT, EAT IT !

You know you want to.


Pastrami farts in bed…


And it’s gone…


Claire can enjoy it too then.


Oh no !

You should have savored the sweet anticipation.

You’ll miss it tomorrow, now.


Was lovely, not festering like southern softies Co-op stuff.

Oh well, will have to have a Gents pie instead. Life’s a Bitch… :grin:


In case you get lost as a scouser.


Cheers mate. :joy:


Looks like this, you will need cash, as they don’t do tick.