Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


I try doing things like this all the time. My intentions are good, my will is weak.
Fatties gonna be fat :grinning:


You need to be there handy, because both of those fine establishments have queues out of the door at lunch time, and Gents regularly sells out of pies. Proper old school, won’t make more quantity if it means comprising on quality.


cock punch to peugeot who closed down my local vauxhall dealer who has looked after us magnificently for many years and was one of the best , of course it needed a refurb so they said it had to go !!!


If it is still open, talk to the people you like and find out where they are going to work.


no its gone sadly , only found out recently with no notice from garage




Double cunt picture :fist_right::fist_right::fist_right:


Is he waving to the audience, or is it a Nazi salute???


I thought he was on stage with Hilary :slight_smile:


Hermes who have apparently left a parcel for me in my “secure outbuilding”. Which is curious since:

  1. There is no outbuilding accessible from the front of my house
  2. Had they bothered going round the back (which involves walking down the road, along an access road and back up the rear access road) they would have discovered my secure outbuilding is alarmed and covered with CCTV cameras - so they didn’t do that.

So I can only assume that Hermes for which they deserve a punch to the nads, now categorise a wheelie bin as a “secure outbuilding”


Normally they’re just plonked on the front door step in plain sight, so thank your lucky stars :smiley:


They wheelie binned an item of mine last week and the bin men came, I was away and so is the parcel it seems…cunts


I should be taking a hammer to my own genitals for being pathetic and weak willed. In a vain attempt at instilling a bit of self-discipline I promised myself in November last year that I wouldn’t make any big hi-fi purchases for at least a year. Today I let myself down. I could make lots of excuses but I won’t. I’m a spineless addict. On the plus side I’ve got a shiny new toy being delivered on Saturday. :grinning:


To the TNT tossers and French furniture company who managed to deliver a monstrosity of a wardrobe instead of a titchy child’s bedroom desk and then have the audacity to say they’d be in touch ‘in a couple of days’ to ‘see if’ they could arrange a pick up. Meanwhile this thing still sits like a police incident in my living room and no fucking pick up on the horizon. Told (well, politely requested) my wife not to order from French companies again - it’s all too predictable what will happen i.e. service =



It could have been worse. This could have happened in the last week in July.



Whoever determined this needed to exist.


Just leave it outside


Invoice them for storage.


Mallet to the miniscule nadgers of horseflies.
Got bitten 10 times by the shit-eating little fuck bubbles - and each bite is at least 2.54cm across.
My back looks like some new-age wanker has been forcibly candling me.


Horseflies, giving hornets a good run in the nature’s biggest cunts race