Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


Me. For committing this most schoolboy of errors.

Was up through the loft hatch like a polaris missile to bung the tank. No major damage. Thank fuck


You must have a 10 inch cock…complaint??!


At least!
And it’s black and made of rubber.


How the feck did you manage to do that?


With the correct tool just about any fuck-up is possible





thank goodness it did not cause too much damage !! nearly done it a few times


just once an electrician used that and it saved so much mess . highly recommended . all the others just use a chisel and yank up your nice floorboards that you can no longer get at that thickness !!!


Depth gauge issues on my rip saw. I knew the fuckers were there right under the weyroc as that is where they always hide. Lack of checking saw had a mm or two too deep and Fanny’s yer aunt. Very fucking lucky mind.


Is that lucky you fucked up or lucky you spotted you fucked up? Always choices with you.


Poetic justice?
I would be very cross if a plumber chopped my floorboards up instead of lifting them properly. Never mind the leaking pipe.


Lucky I was able to stop it quickly.


What are you implying?


He’s saying you’re a cowboy.


I’m man enough to admit a mistake when I make one … and professional enough to sort it quickly with minimal fucking damage.

Oh … and good luck lifting a weyroc floor without a rip saw.




exactly - fucking horrible nasty floors


that ain’t a floorboard in the traditional sense. it’s chipboarf




So the picture with the saw ain’t a picture of the actual floor. Apologies I thought it was the same one.