Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


Never come across that :thinking:


I hope these scum get caught, Kailesh is my dentist. :anguished:


Fap opportunities are boundless for you when you finally get back from your hols and do some work.


Brexit will finally have happened by then , and the pound will be worthless…


I will have you know that I grafting in darkest Stow on the World :weary:


You mean you actually have work breaks during your holidays!!?! :stuck_out_tongue:


Unfortunately, I’m trying to phase the work bits out :yum:


Is that near Cancun? I know where Stow on the Wold is. I don’t believe the ‘grafting’ bit.


Well you know, it’s Friday innit? :cowboy_hat_face:


This Bruce for calling a spade a soil designer and thereby being that rarity of a pretentious shackledragger.


lets hope so , scum indeed


Punch in the cock to all those who answer any question with ‘yes,no…’
I know it has been around for a while but why?
is it waffle to allow them to think of an answer? or are they just cunts who copy everyone else?
How long has it been a thing? Every cunt seems to be doing it.
I feel like interrupting them as soon as they say ‘Yes No’ and ask if they know anyone that does have a clue.

Any twat who copies and pastes one of the questions in this post and answers ‘yes no’ can have one as well.


oh this thing? Yay errm Nay


You should absolutely avoid visiting South Australia. Every second person in Adelaide seems to either use ‘Yes, no…’ or ‘Yes but no…’ in answering even the most trivial question.



Strayans have been doing it for years. Along with “Aaahhhhh” it gives the hard of thinking extra pondering time.


Magic, look at that…:exploding_head:,


Hah ! Beat me to it. I was just thinking “yes, but no” then pressed Reply.


On a par with starting a reply with So for utter cuntiness.


So, it upsets you?


Yes, no, maybe, but it might, no