Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


You’re not sweet on him then?


He uses it enough himself, wanker that he is.


If Mrs Jim is going to hurt her knee, the least she could do is to damage it on Lord Sugar’s crotch.


Perhaps we could call Lord Sugar of Cuntingdon. Or just plain Cunt for short.


The Cunt of Cuntsville


Alternative approach


Death-grip handshakers can grab themselves by the goolies.

I like a firm handshake, don’t get me wrong. I’m also averse to a limp clasp, but these vice-handed fuckers seem to have something to prove. One chap in the office today was trying to rearrange my metacarpals.





That video reminds me of this. Maybe Trump should meet Mr Shake Hands Man?


GWR for supplying shit coffee in their lounge at Paddington





1st world problem?


It is sad about those young men , someone I know who a tradesman is also a very good graffiti artist. They have shelves of spray paint at home and some nice work


Ann Coulter for being an evil bitch


Seems to be a rash of traffic wardens here at crazy times , we were on way home last night and at nearly 10pm they were ticketing folks near here . Then again this am at 08.10 catching people on their mopeds


The traffic wardens around your way have mopeds and persue drivers on them? :thinking:


I’m not sure you’ve got the hang of this cockpunching thing really Phil. Please try harder next time.



Whoever did this deserves to have their nadgers nailed to a wall while people take turns to smack them with a cricket bat


Oi, @hifinutt this is the more idea. Needs a bit more swearing, foaming at the mouth and wanton disregard for anything other than extreme violence, but the general seething anger comes across nicely…:smirk: