Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


Garage just rung, IT LIVES in all it’s metallic beige glory!


What doesn’t kill it makes it stronger !



BIG cockpunch to specsavers for fitting one reactolite in 2 pairs of glasses for my wife , how stupid is that !!! she had to go back to shop 3 times today due to that


Left hook to the bellend that is the British Public, specifically those on trains.

So tightly wound, just unclench motherfuckers.


Boot to the plums for this wizended wanker. Good riddance.


around here one would be lucky to actually get on to a train that was running. It seems like Govia Great Northern has become a bus operator…


Can’t see him doing many gigs anymore in the uk will be just the states and Mexico


insurance brokers, utter cunts. This years combined house insurance quote is £950, last years was £250. There must be people out there who let the roll over quotes go through. When I rang to cancel he asked for the reason, that was a mistake on his part. Oh well, off for the quote search, again.


Same problem here, not to that extreme but close. Cancelling was very pleasurable :fu:


It’s quite awkward finding a provider who’ll offer cover for both domestic items & running a business from home. Yet there must be a lot of people needing that now. Our premium just jumped to about £850 I think.


Size 11 to both bollocks


Sledgehammer to crack a peanut.


Satisfying though


i used to use a broker for my house insurance who put it with aviva , i thought as i have rather expensive hi fi tastes . the bill was rising to 350 a year [ highest risk area you can get] . i thought why don`t i ring aviva direct to see what the same policy costs . 87 pounds a year for unlimited contents . now it may not be hiscox but each year i ring them up and they assure me hi fi is covered .


just to illustrate the skill of specsavers !! who did this with not one but two pairs of glasses !!!

36437967_1581496601977820_4457202276787814400_n by , on Flickr


They’ll be great for partially sunny days.


or a short sighted pirate


Presumably they’ve just mixed the lenses up when assembling the specs. 5 minutes with a jeweller’s screwdriver and Bob’ll be your uncle.



Only if the frames are identical.
As they may just have mixed them before grinding the edges


One to my son’s school, which has scheduled a compulsory parents’ night for tonight, 6.30-8.30