Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


Scum bags :rage:




Shit !


Fucking shitbirds! :rage:


No. I leave nothing on view and nothing of any value in the car. They stole a £1 coin and a 20p coin from the centre console and a spare pair of Boss prescription glasses from the glovebox. They missed my sunglasses and a CD case with 20 cds.


Twats. :rage:


Why people do this sort of stuff when there clearly is nothing of value in the car is beyond me. All for the sake of £1.20!


Utter cunts.


Fxt for insurance purposes :wink:


Update: amazing service this morning from Autoglass. I called Direct Line claims line and a recorded message gave me a special number for Autoglass to call. They handle glass claims on behalf of direct line. It will take till Sunday morning to get the glass for my car but they had the AA call round within the hour to put a clingfilm type screen around the door frame. Very impressive.

The AA guy was also willing to replace the driver’s door mirror as I had a spare in the boot. Top man!


An expressively Italian slapping for DHL. Wasn’t going to be in for the Modushop delivery today, so picked the locker option. Get an email this morning saying it doesn’t fit so they are going to deliver. Er, why would I pick a locker if I was going to be in?

And CPC, for sending a “Black Friday Christmas Offers” email.


Feckin Porker drivers go to extreme lengths to avoid having to fill up…



My accountants and their “balancing fee” can have one.

Fundamentally they can see that there is some money, so they’d like a grand for doing literally nothing.

One step away from lodging a complaint with whoever their governing body / trade association etc. is.

Absolute scum.


It’s like lawyers who take a percentage fee from the estate when handling matters of a will/settling the estate instead of charging a flat fee / hourly rate.


I was very pleasantly surprised when the lawyers with the estate I’m currently handling were very up front about what they would charge (time and materials basically) with a sensible estimate.

We’ll see what happens, but currently they look like the good guys, unlike their conveyancing department, who are liars and incompetents.


Glad you got good ones. Good luck with the conveyancing dept, it’s infuriating dealing with stuff like that. I’ll give a CP on your behalf…


BT for overcharging on my internet phone account by somehow not applying the discount.
Currently trying to apply for a refund.

Update BT have fessed up the they knobbed up and have promised to rectify overpayment
Cockpunch partly taken back


This, for every possible reason.


Fucks sake, beginning to think that Arche headshells are cursed.

First one I bought got lost in the post.

Second one I paid for 10 days ago and since then the seller has gone completely silent and is not responding to emails.