Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


Your little yellow arse can get to fuck.


Chance would be a fine thing…:disappointed:


I’ve just lost an hour to the fact that Win 10 no longer comes with Samba compatibility installed. Think about that - Samba was created so that Linux could work with Windows shares, now Windows decides that it doesn’t need it. Jesus.


Pales into insignificance against the dilemma of what to have for lunch.


Hardly, I have leftover pizza :heart_eyes:


I do not understand this concept :thinking:


DHL, who have just notified me that my parcel will be delivered today between 12.16 and 13.16, when it was in fact delivered 10 days ago.


They do the same to me DHL wankers. They also delivered to opened packages recently.


Just loving Microshaft and the new Outlook Live email so called fucking service. If you want to forward and email that is anything other than plain text it fucks up, so no links, no pictures, no nothing. This is the stupid software company telling businesses to ‘trust them’ as they will get it done.

Also, randomly is able to find contents in folders and then not on Windows Outlook Live.

Fuck you Microsoft you can stick your software up your arse. Windows 10, what a load of shite. Gone back to Windows 7 on all my devices now.

When I renew them, I will NOT be getting anything Microsoft based.


I got a text last night saying that I had £3-something duty to pay on a parcel from Singapore. Had it been Royal Mail they would have slapped on a massive handling fee. I paid it last night, and this morning the parcel is ready to be collected from the selected shop in town. Nice work DHL.


My dog for eating my baguette whilst I was out, greedy fucker. :roll_eyes:


If Lab can reach, Lab will eat.


Manufacturers who build metal chassis kit with no safety earth. Like this

The pic shows the inside of an amp I opened today. I’ve circled the IEC inlet in red. The earth terminal simply isn’t wired to anything. The mains live one (lower right) runs via the orange wire direct to the primary of the mains transformer and thence, via a thin hard-to-see-in-the-pic black wire to the neon indicator on the front panel. The mains neutral one goes via a 5A (yup !) fuse to the single-pole power switch and from there back to the mains transformer and the other side of the neon. There’s no insulating boot over the IEC inlet nor any heatshrink over any of the other mains component connections and the fuse is in an open holder very close to the chassis. If anything should blow the fuse it will disconnect the neutral, letting everything on the downstream side of the fuseholder go up to 240V.

The amp is not very recent - capacitor date codes indicate post-1996 manufacture and maybe post-2002. The mains transformer primary is hand-labelled 240V though (the label on the rear panel says 220V) so it may well have been manufactured explicitly for the UK and the requirement for CE marking was already in place here before 1996. It isn’t CE marked (I suppose it might have been imported privately, but I doubt it) so at least the manufacturer hasn’t lied about its safety compliance. I had a different piece of kit in last week for repair (actually a fault in the mains wiring !). It was manufactured much more recently within the EU and so, of course, was CE marked. But it wasn’t safety earthed either.



:scream: Hope that’s not my amp :laughing:


Nope Wayne, it doesn’t belong to anyone on this forum (maybe not on any other either).





Strangely, there is a parcel waiting for me at home, delivered by DHL. Maybe a duplicate?

The plot thickens.


You can still add SMB v1 via add/remove programs > features but it’s insecure so it’s easier to enable SMB v3 on your NAS (assume this is where the share is) and set it to use a min client version of v3.

Think smb v1 was the vulnerability that fucked the NHS with the ransomware a short while ago.


went to collect some packages for Louise. The neat grey bag contains a pair of jeans, and the large box a bra…odd packaging


I did add it, so it’s working now. I’ll have a look into why the pi server is using v1 though, it should be up to date.