Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


I think linux will try and use the lowest version first and then negotiate up, you can set the clients to only use SMB3 on the linux hosting the share.


I retract the cockpunch for DHL. The vendor has sent me a duplicate item. Now I have a dilemma: do the right thing and send it back, or keep it and feel guilty…

:innocent: or :smiling_imp:


Send it back and they’ll probably refund you thinking it is a return.


ftfy :grin:


Harsh but true, although theft kind of implies that I somehow took the extra item…

I have sent the vendor an email to see what they want to do next :+1:


Fuck off KLF, you weren’t famous in the 80’s/90’s, you were just shit and should just fuck off into obscurity.


Disagree, they were famous in the 80’s.

Good band at the time. That’s now mind.


Fuck a duck, which manufacturer?

Makes the point nicely that a CE stamp is not a quality mark, either of design nor build.


Meatmen Parade…check out the denim.



Vendor has replied that return postage costs make it uneconomical to send back, and that I can keep the item.

Which is nice.


There is a small group of people that are trying to get a free family Xmas fair cancelled in St Albans. They can all have a cockpunch.

They live on a small road adjacent to the park, and they are all £m+++ houses. One of the guys is a lawyer, so he knows all the right messages to send.

They aren’t particularly close to the event (1-200m), and there’s a river between them and it, so it’s not like they’re going to get invaders. They have so far got the dodgems removed, brought forward the closure time and got the first week moved to the county showground 4 miles out of town, when hardly anyone will go and there will be no knock-on extra business in town.


The BBC.

Probably about 75% of the BBC News website was unreadable today at work as we block social media.

You’re supposed to be journalists so stop regurgitating twitter, facebook or instagram posts you lazy cunts.


That is probably where last years boss (2017 one) lives, the company I work for paid his rent of £3.5K a month. The same guy who belly ached about £500 spent on something. How the other half live etc… He was sacked last Oct 2017 for being shite after 16 months. The previous one last 16 months too. Current one is 11 months in…


Just because he’s got his own thread, lets not forget to pummel the nads of ubercunt and odious Donald. I’d hate him to feel left out and nad intactus.


Just how many can she have ffs.


When asked, she replied “twelvety”


but really meant eleventy.


Don’t confuse her. She’s going to be the next Home Secretary don’t you know.


Will you lot feck off and leave me alone :wink:


Don’t get your tits (all three of them) in a twist there Di…:grin: