Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch




What ?

Total fucking nutter !


So very sad. I hope the perpetrators never sleep again.


This fella…‘there-is-no-place’-for-gay-priests-in-clergy/ar-BBQl0rJ?ocid=spartanntp


I love how it always seems the current pope might not be a massive bell end, then it turns out that he is. Sigh.


more cunts


Words fail


Few week ago a swan was shot in flight on the River Severn locally. Absolute scum.


Manchester Airport group and Manchester Airport. Not only does it look shabby and dirty (T1), it apparently takes 45 minutes to get your baggage back and then it is soaking wet. £9.50 to wait to pick me up the cunts, as the baggage was so late.

Shambles at passport control.

It must be the worst airport in the UK, even crapper than Heathrow or Shatwick.

Wankers the lot of them.


Not as bad as Luton.
Bubonic plague is better than Luton.


Religion, a bastion of hate since whenever.


A severe poke in the nads to this clown. Not content with telling everyone, all of the time, that they’re vegan, now they want it to be recognised as a “philosophical belief” akin to a religion.


I’d say I could probably construct a better set of arguments for veganism being a “philosophical belief” than any fucking religion, but then I have zero time / sympathy for religion in any form.

This guy still seems like a massive cockwomble however.


Fuck sakes, what a twat. Wish he’d just fuck off and shut his hole.


And these dumb asses as well.


The couple, who have not been named, also object to the bad smells of manure and the accompanying insects.



I’d have been all in favour of an overnight sheep silencer when staying in a hamlet on Shetland.


Barely hear them, even when they’re in the fields surrounding our cottage.


I’m sure I could reach that stage too, but was leading the rather frazzled life of an excavation navvy at the time. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’d think twice about messing with a farmer lady called “Mrs. Killer”.