Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


She won’t be saying anything that will cause her problems there in the camp. She doesn’t sound stupid whatever other flaws she might have.


I think if she was my daughter I’d be going to get her.


That’s true, god wanted her previous kids to die, surely?


I was very surprised by the QT panels response to her plight. Unbelievably J R-M gave the most sensible, humanitarian response of the whole panel, I guess she’s fucked then as the home sec did not reiterate R-M’s view when interviewed today.


When you know that the thing you bought in the USA is going to be a disaster.

### I have a lot of issues right now with shipping. Trying to investigate several issues… I’ll check into this. Thank you

Not even given the items to the shipping company after 9 days. No communication for two days after this message. Looking like a paypal claim will be the outcome.

Punch to useless ebay sellers.


Swift uppercut to the knob for me. I’ve been puzzling over a slight left to right balance issue in my set up and have been swapping everything around include power amps, three different preamps etc, fiddling and scratching my head over the UNO Fino settings etc.

Then I casually spotted that the power light on the base of the RH horn was not on. Obviously you get sound passively through the horns but no active bass. Turns out the fuse had gone in the power lead to that speaker :man_facepalming:

Two minutes later it was replaced and hey presto, it all sounds fab again…


Cockpunch to drivers of 4x4s with 24" wheels who approach sleeping policemen at a snail’s pace, come to a total standstill and then creep over in 1st gear. What’s the point of buying an enormous, expensive, go anywhere vehicle when you can’t manage a fucking speed bump in second gear. Just fuck off.


Superfi going bust owing me £200 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Break in


oh dear … thats very bad news


I paid with AMEX so should be covered.


That’ll do :slight_smile:


out of touch old men in suits at the FA

The magic of the FA Cup my arse

EPL has been suspended for six drab pointless matches this weekend, and probably the only worthwhile fixture dumped onto Monday night

why bother with the FA Cup, almost as much point as the league cup, fairs cup, some paint company trophy, cup winners cup etc etc etc etc


Sainsburys can have one. How difficult can it be to insist that your suppliers use plastic that can be recycled, or preferably don’t use plastic at all. They’re apples FFS, why package them at all?



Not difficult at all. Asking for them to supply the said product at a price where they make the same profit ? More difficult.


i suggest calling the careline to make you feelings known to Sainsburys


I was pleased to see waitrose phasing out black plastic , as you know it cant be recycled


I think it can be recycled (or at least burnt to produce energy, putting an intermediate useful step between pumping the oil out of the ground and burning it straight away). It isn’t currently recycled because new material is too cheap. Economics trumps the ecosystem.

True. It would be possible to make the plastic as expensive as some alternative though - taxation is our friend in this regard. The end user would pay either way. We always do. But imagining that we can keep a planet with 7 billion people on it clean for free was always a dream.



A shop called Ripple has opened down the road. It sells loose herbs, spices, teas, salt, shampoo, washing liquid etc etc. You take your empty container in, weigh it and then fill it and pay. The shop also sell other eco goods (metal straws, organic t shirts etc etc). It is absoultely rammed on weekends. I went on a Weds morning at 9.15 and they had 4 other customers. The demand for zero packaging is there. The shop have been blown away by the demand.


We have a bit of that down here. But Paul was shopping for apples in a Sainsbury’s in Shetland where I imagine they’ll have had a rougher ride to get there and might have a rougher one to come.

My local Sainsbury’s has apples both loose, for people like me who are prepared to choose half a dozen and either put them in a much lighter (less damaging) bag or no bag at all, and also in the same bag as in Paul’s pic, for people who want to shop in a hurry, check them out with a barcode and, maybe, have a slightly easier journey to the kitchen worktop. The customer’s completely free to choose.